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There are many types of women’s snowboard jackets on the market, so it can be tricky to choose which is best for you. Some are heavily insulated for freezing temperatures, while others are thin and best suited to hiking into the backcountry. But you can also get ones perfect for keeping you warm, dry, and comfortable while casually riding in the resort.

You need to wear the right outerwear for snowboarding; this means your snowboard jacket has to look great, be comfortable, and keep you warm and dry. We like the Volcom Shadow snowboard jacket for its excellent style and features. But the Roxy Jet Ski is a fantastic jacket for the money.

The best women’s snowboarding jackets look cool and are made of technical fabrics to keep the elements at bay to help you to manage your body temperature. It is essential that you wear a decent snowboarding jacket, so we have put together a list of the best ones available.

Our Pick Of Best Women’s Snowboarding Jackets

Compare Top Snowboarding Jackets For Women

Jacket NameOverall ScoreBottom LinePrice
Volcom Shadow
Volcom Shadow
74A super cool, techy snowboard jacket with a street styleCheck Out On Amazon
Burton Women's Jet Set Jacket
Burton Jet Set
74 High End
A great quality from a reputable brand
Check Out On Amazon
Roxy Jet Ski WarmFlight Insulated Jacket
Roxy Jet Ski
78 Top Pick
Excellent value for money and bold styling
Check Out On Amazon
Special Blend Women's Monica Snowboard Jacket
Special Blend Monica
64 Budget Buy
A low-price and versatile jacket that looks great
Check Out On Amazon
Volcom Women's Fawn Insulated Snowboard Jacket
Volcom Fawn
72Built for all-day comfort and styleCheck Out On Amazon

Detailed Analysis Of The Best Women’s Snowboarding Jackets

1. Volcom Shadow (Street inspired style)

Review - Volcom Shadow (1)

Overall Score: 74


  • Great layer of insulation
  • It comes in a range of colors
  • It looks great
  • Good waterproof and breathability rating


  • It may not be the best choice for extreme conditions


This snowboard jacket from Volcom is not the most technical, but it is good enough for most riders. It has a 15,000mm / 15,000gm² waterproof and breathability rating to help your body control its temperature.

You can zip this jacket to your snowboard pants to keep the snow out, but even if you don’t do this, it has a long fit to keep you nice and snug.

When the temperatures start to rise, you can unzip the underarm events, which are mesh lined to stop snow from getting in. It also has a good collection of pockets for your lift pass, goggles, and phone.


You are sure to stay warm on the mountain in the Volcom Shadow jacket, thanks to its 60g of insulation.

This is enough for most casual snowboarders, who spend most of their time in the resort and riding mellow off-piste terrain. But it would be too much for hiking into the backcountry or splitboarding.


Snowboarders who wear this jacket love how comfortable it is. This comes from the good level of insulation and the stretchy soft material.

It also has a large hood that fits over most snowboard helmets, ensuring you stay comfortable when the weather closes in. The two-layer waterproofing also does a great job of keeping you nice and cozy.


This jacket has a street-inspired look with a longer design that is perfect for snowboarding. The hood is lined with faux fur trim, but you can remove it if it’s not to your taste or gets wet in bad weather.

You can buy the Volcom Shadow jackets in a range of different colors, so you are sure to find one that suits you and complete your outfit.


Volcom is a prominent brand renowned for making quality snowboard clothing. This jacket is well priced considering its features, comfort, and style.

2. Burton Women’s Jet Set Jacket

Review - Burton Women's Jet Set Jacket
High End

Overall Score: 74


  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • A good layer of insulation
  • You get the excellent Burton warranty
  • Good level of waterproofing and breathability


  • Not everyone likes the fit


Burton has done a great job loading this jacket with some great features. For example, it has the Dryride 2-layer polyester fabric, which gives you a waterproofing and breathability rating of 10,000mm/5,000g.

It also has a good level of installation and hand warmer pockets for freezing cold days.


The Burton Jet Set jacket has 80g of Thermacore insulation, making it lightweight and breathable. Therefore you can stay warm without having the bulk of a heavily insulated jacket.

It also has mesh-lined sleeve vents which you can open when working up a sweat or riding in milder temperatures.


Burton has given this jacket quite a slim fit, making it very comfortable and not restricting you as it moves with your body while you ride.

Comfort is also enhanced by the ergonomic waist gator that interfaces with your snowboard pants and stops snow and water from getting in.


You can buy the Burton Jet Set jacket in about 30 different colors and styles. Some are subtle, while others are bolder.

The slim fit can be flattering; however, some people find it doesn’t quite suit their body shape. Therefore, it’s best to try one on before buying.


The Burton Jet Set is a decent snowboard jacket from a reputable and well-known brand. Therefore it is priced accordingly, and don’t forget you get the excellent warranty that Burton provides.

This should give you peace of mind that you are buying a quality item and have customer service to back it up.

3. Roxy Jet Ski WarmFlight Insulated Jacket (Bold colors and styles)

Review - Roxy Jet Ski WarmFlight Insulated Jacket
Top Pick

Overall Score: 78


  • Bold designs
  • Good waterproofing and breathability ratings
  • Great level of warmth
  • Flatters your body shape


  • Runs a little small, so not true to size


The Roxy Jet Ski Insulated Snow Jacket has some great features to enhance your time on the mountain. It has a good level of waterproofing and breathability.

At the same time, the insulation does a great job of keeping you warm without being bulky.

It also has some remarkable characteristics that enhance comfort and make it a practical jacket for a day of snowboarding.

For example, it has hand warmer pockets, a goggle pocket, and a special pocket for your phone, so you can listen to music and take calls on the mountain.

It also has a separate pocket on the sleeve for your lift pass.


Roxy has made sure that this jacket is nice and warm but not too warm. They have stuffed it with their WarmFlight technology, which is incredibly lightweight, breathable, and warm.

This stuff is made from recycled PET bottles, so it is also good for the environment. The body of the jacket has 120g of insulation, the sleeves have 100g, and the hood 60g.

This is to maximize the effectiveness of the installation without adding bulk, which restricts movement while snowboarding.

If you need to let out some warm air, you can unzip the mesh lined under arm vents to cool down.


Like many women’s snowboard jackets, the Roxy Jet Ski is slim fitting, so it moves with your body while you ride.

It also has a three-way adjustable hood compatible with most helmets giving you extra coverage on colder days.

In addition, the non-detachable powder skirt snaps to your pants, creating an excellent seal to stop water and snow from getting in.

Thanks to the stretchy wrist gators, cuffs, and chin guard, you also get a good seal from the elements.


This jacket has several designs featuring bold and vibrant colors and patterns. This is not a jacket for someone who wants to keep a low profile.

You have the option of removing the faux fur trim on the hood to suit your personal preference.


For such a feature-rich jacket, it is incredibly well-priced. You’ll struggle to find another jacket that matches it in terms of style features and value for money.

4. Special Blend Women’s Monica Snowboard Jacket

Review - Special Blend Women's Monica Snowboard Jacket
Budget Buy

Overall Score: 64


  • Looks great
  • Inexpensive
  • Has everything you need for casual snowboarding
  • Lots of pockets


  • Not the best choice for big mountain adventures or extreme weather


This jacket isn’t packed with lots of features, but that’s not the point. It is quite a basic jacket that will suit casual snowboarders or anyone who wants a good-looking winter jacket.

The Special Blend Monica women’s ski jacket is nicely insulated and has everything you need to keep the elements at bay.

It is also a practical jacket with lots of pockets, so you don’t have to leave anything behind when you go out in the cold.


Special Blend has given the Monica snowboard jacket a good level of insulation and a thermal mesh lining.

It also has a technical powder skirt and critically taped seams, making it suitable for resort and inbounds powder riding. It has a 10K waterproof and breathability rating from a poly denim twill material.

This will keep you warm and dry in most circumstances, but it’s best to wear something else during extreme conditions.


This jacket has a thermal mesh lining making it comfortable to wear. This is enhanced by the insulated hood and chin guard.

You will also like the extra length that makes sitting in the snow more comfortable while strapping into your bindings.


The slim fit of the Special Blend Monica jacket is flattering to most body shapes. The denim material is refreshing from the usual snowboard jacket fabric and looks good on and off the slopes.

You can buy this jacket in three colors, all of which are cool and understated, perfect for anyone looking for a more subtle jacket for snowboarding.


This jacket is incredibly cheap to buy. But that shouldn’t worry you too much as long as you are realistic about your expectations.

This jacket lacks high-tech features that will look after you in big mountain territory. But it’s perfect for someone just getting into snowboarding and trying to keep the costs down.

It is also a good choice for anyone who wants a cool-looking, casual, and versatile winter jacket for daily use.

5. Volcom Women’s Fawn Insulated Snowboard Jacket

Review - Volcom Women's Fawn Insulated Snowboard Jacket

Overall Score: 72


  • Some great colors to choose from
  • Excellent level of waterproofing and breathability
  • A good level of insulation
  • A cool design


  • The sizes tend to run a little tight


The Volcom Fawn Insulated Snowboard Jacket has some great features to keep you warm and dry while snowboarding and looking good.

We like the level of waterproofing and breathability that this jacket offers and its good level of insulation.

As with any good snowboard jacket, it keeps the snow out in several ways and is practical while providing all-day comfort.


Volcom has put 80g of low loft insulation into the body section of the Fawn Jacket and 60g in the arms.

This combination does a great job of keeping you warm without restricting your movement so you can perform at your best, whether on the piste or in the park.

It also provides excellent coverage by being a little longer at the back, so you can stay warm while riding or sitting in the snow.

It also has lined hand warmer pockets for walking around the resort between après bars.


One of Volcom’s primary aims for this jacket is to provide all-day comfort. They have certainly managed this with its excellent waterproof and breathability rating of 10,000mm / 10,000gm².

They also lined it with Taffeta and fitted it with a soft suede chin guard.

All this is enhanced by the adjustable powder, skirt, and cinch cuffs, which prevent snow and drafts from getting into the jacket, making you uncomfortable.


You can’t help but love the style of this jacket. It looks great with its figure-hugging, slim fit. You can buy the Volcom Fawn in 16 different styles and colors.

Some of these colors and styles are understated and elegant, while others are a little more adventurous. Therefore you should find one that suits you perfectly and goes with your snowboard pants.

In addition, you can customize the look by removing the faux fur around the hood.


The Volcom Fawn isn’t the cheapest on the market, nor is it incredibly expensive. It is priced very well for such a great item of outerwear.

Once you’re done buying a snowboarding jacket, do check out my article on the best snowboarding helmets for women and the best women’s snowboarding gloves to complement your new jacket!

Final Thoughts

Your snowboard jacket can make or break your day of riding, so it is essential that you pick a good one. It is important to consider the characteristics, such as the waterproofing and breathability ratings.

It would be best if you also took note of the insulation it provides to ensure it suits your needs and where you ride.

On top of all this, your new snowboard jacket needs to look good, as nobody wants to look bad on the slopes or while dancing on tables in the après bar.

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