Best Women’s Snowboard Brands | Catering To ‘Her’ Needs!

If you’re a woman struggling to pick which snowboard brand to go for, the good news is that there’s not a ton of difference between men’s and women’s boards, so the most reputable brands are still ideal.

The best women’s snowboard brands are those that work with female riders to understand what they want from a snowboard range. They’ll also be brands that aren’t afraid to innovate, are known for their use of high-quality materials, and are committed to sustainable business practices.

Now, we will look at our six favorite snowboard brands for women based on their performance, quality, range, commitment to sustainability, and, of course, pricing.

The Best Snowboards Brands For Women

Compare Top Women’s Snowboard Brands

Brand NameOverall ScoreBottom LinePrice
Lib Tech
Lib Tech
97 Top Pick
The best in the business
Check Out On Amazon
94Innovative tech and a freestyler’s dreamCheck Out On Amazon
89Perfect for powder houndsCheck Out On Amazon
88Excellent boards at a wallet-friendly priceCheck Out On Amazon
84Decades of experience with something for everyoneCheck Out On Amazon
Never Summer
Never Summer
82Top-quality snowboards at a justifiably premium price-pointCheck Out On Amazon

Detailed Analysis Of The Best Snowboard Brands for Women

1. Lib Tech

Review - Lib Tech
Top Pick

Overall Score: 97


  • One of the most innovative names in snowboarding
  • Industry-leading sustainability practices


  • Higher-end models can be expensive


Lib Tech’s women’s snowboarding range boasts exceptional performance for female riders, thanks to the incorporation of cutting-edge technology and design features that cater specifically to women’s needs.

Their boards feature innovative Banana Technology, which enhances flexibility and provides a catch-free ride. Magne-Traction technology delivers improved edge hold and stability.

At the same time, Horsepower construction ensures that the boards are both lightweight and responsive.

All these design features work together to provide unparalleled precision, control, and agility on the mountain, making Lib Tech’s women’s snowboarding range an excellent choice for female riders looking to elevate their performance.


Lib Tech’s women’s snowboarding range boasts superior quality.

Their snowboards are meticulously crafted using high-grade materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to create products that are built to last.

The attention to detail in the construction of each board results in exceptional durability and reliability on the slopes.

The quality of Lib Tech’s women’s snowboarding range is evident in every aspect of their products, from the high-quality base material to the precise edges and overall construction.

With Lib Tech’s women’s snowboarding range, riders can be confident in the durability and longevity of their equipment, ensuring that they’ll be able to enjoy snowboarding for years to come.


Lib Tech’s range of women’s snowboards is vast and impressive, catering to riders of all abilities and preferences.

Their selection includes traditional camber, hybrid, and rocker profiles, offering a variety of styles and shapes that suit different riding preferences.

Their snowboards are available in a range of sizes, ensuring that riders of all heights and weights can find a suitable board.

My article on why does snowboard size matter will help you understand why great brands have a wide selection of sizes!

With their commitment to creating female-centric designs, Lib Tech’s women’s snowboarding range has something to offer for everyone, making it an excellent choice for female riders looking to elevate their snowboarding game.


Lib Tech is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. They reduce their carbon footprint by using eco-friendly materials, such as basalt fibers, bio-beans, and recycled sidewalls.

They also employ eco-conscious practices, like using hydroelectric power in their factory and non-toxic materials in manufacturing.

Additionally, they have partnered with environmental organizations to support sustainability initiatives and reduce waste.

Overall, Lib Tech’s dedication to sustainability makes them a responsible and environmentally conscious choice for snowboarding equipment.


Lib Tech snowboards are typically priced at the higher end of the market, reflecting their top-quality materials and advanced technology.

However, the exceptional performance and durability of their snowboards make them an excellent investment for dedicated snowboarders.

Lib Tech’s snowboards offer excellent value for money compared to their competitors. Their high-quality construction and innovative features ensure riders get the most out of their snowboarding experience.

2. Bataleon – Best Freestyle Selection

Review - Bataleon

Overall Score: 94


  • Game-changing board tech on offer
  • Exceptional park performance


  • Triple Base Technology isn’t for everyone and can take getting used to


Bataleon’s women’s snowboard range focuses on freestyle performance, making them the go-to choice for female riders who love to hit the park.

Their Triple Base Technology and SideKick technology offer exceptional edge control, stability, and pop, making it easy for riders to spin and jib with precision.

The boards are constructed with a super lightweight and durable wood core, allowing riders to make quick turns and transitions with ease.

Overall, Bataleon’s women’s snowboard range is a top choice for female riders who demand the highest level of freestyle performance on the mountain.


Bataleon’s women’s snowboard range is crafted with excellent quality and attention to detail. The snowboards feature a robust wood core that delivers strength and flexibility.

At the same time, tri-axial fiberglass ensures that the boards are responsive and easy to control.

Sintered bases provide excellent glide and speed, while the durable sidewalls and edges ensure the snowboards can handle the toughest conditions.

Overall, Bataleon’s women’s snowboard range offers an exceptional product that is built to last, making it a great choice for female riders looking for high-quality and reliable equipment..


Bataleon’s range of women’s snowboards is designed to cater to riders of all styles and preferences.

Their snowboards are available in a variety of styles, including freestyle, all-mountain, and powder boards, each designed with specific features to enhance performance and control on the mountain.

Bataleon offers multiple sizes for each snowboard, allowing riders to select a size that best suits their weight and riding style.

Overall, Bataleon’s women’s snowboard range provides an exceptional product that meets the needs of female riders of different preferences and riding styles.


Bataleon is committed to producing high-quality women’s snowboards while minimizing their environmental impact.

They utilize eco-friendly materials, such as sustainably harvested wood cores and bio-plastic topsheets, in their manufacturing process.

Additionally, their factory is powered by renewable energy, and they implement practices such as recycling and waste reduction to minimize their carbon footprint.

Bataleon’s sustainability efforts demonstrate its dedication to preserving the environment while providing exceptional equipment for female riders.


Bataleon’s women’s snowboard range is competitively priced, offering excellent value for money compared to other premium snowboard brands.

While their snowboards are priced slightly higher than budget brands, their commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation makes them a worthwhile investment for female riders who demand exceptional performance and durability from their equipment.

Overall, Bataleon’s women’s snowboards provide excellent value for money, offering a premium product at a reasonable price point.

3. Capita – Best Freeride Selection

Review - Capita

Overall Score: 89


  • Great for the backcountry
  • Some of the coolest board designs around


  • Some durability issues with hard or frequent use


Capita’s women’s snowboards are designed with advanced technology and features that deliver exceptional performance on the mountain.

Their freeride boards, in particular, are constructed with a hybrid camber profile and directional shape, providing precise control and stability in challenging terrain.

The boards feature a high-strength, lightweight core reinforced with carbon fiber, enhancing their durability and responsiveness.

Capita’s women’s snowboards are an excellent choice for riders who seek exceptional performance and control in all conditions.


Capita’s women’s snowboards are constructed with high-quality materials, such as lightweight wood cores and advanced composites, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity.

The boards feature a high-strength, extruded base that provides a smooth, fast ride. Their sidewalls are constructed with advanced materials that enhance their impact resistance and durability.

Having said that, some riders report the boards don’t stand up to as much punishment as some of the competition.


Capita’s women’s snowboard range offers a diverse selection of boards, catering to all styles and ability levels.

Their lineup includes freeride, freestyle, and all-mountain boards, with a variety of sizes available to ensure a perfect fit for every rider.

They also offer a women’s splitboard for the backcountry lovers out there. Capita’s women’s snowboards are available in a range of eye-catching designs.

They are excellent for riders who demand the best style, performance, and quality.


Capita’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

They use eco-friendly resins, recycled ABS sidewalls, and sustainably-sourced wood cores in their snowboards.

Capita also partners with organizations like Protect Our Winters to reduce their carbon footprint and promote environmental awareness within the snowboarding community.


Capita’s snowboards are competitively priced compared to other premium brands in the market, offering excellent value for money.

Their high-quality construction and advanced technology make them a worthwhile investment for riders looking to improve their performance on the mountain.

4. Nitro – Best on a Budget

Review - Nitro

Overall Score: 88


  • Superb value for money
  • Excellent construction


  • May not be suitable for beginners


Nitro’s women’s snowboards are built with high-quality materials and innovative features that cater to female riders’ demands.

Their boards feature a women’s-specific design, providing a lighter and more flexible feel for increased agility and control on the mountain.

Nitro’s Cam-Out Camber technology provides the perfect blend of pop, response, and forgiveness, making it a top choice for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a versatile board that excels in all mountain conditions.


Nitro’s women’s snowboards are designed with superior-quality materials that prioritize strength, durability, and longevity.

The brand utilizes a variety of core materials, including poplar, paulownia, and bamboo, to create a lightweight and responsive ride, while the snowboards are crafted using innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure consistent performance and quality.


Nitro offers a wide range of women’s snowboards that cater to different riding styles and abilities. Their highly popular team favorite board, the Nitro Fate, is great for all-mountain freestyle riding.

In contrast, the Squash board offers a versatile, directional shape for powder and all-mountain riding.

Additionally, the Drop board is designed with a freestyle focus, while the Mercy board is a great option for riders who are just starting out.


Nitro is committed to sustainability and reducing its impact on the environment. They use eco-friendly materials such as recycled bases, recycled edges, and FSC-certified wood cores.

They also participate in the 1% For The Planet initiative, donating a portion of their profits to environmental organizations.


Compared to other high-end snowboard brands, Nitro’s pricing is relatively affordable, offering great value for money without compromising on quality or performance.

This makes them an attractive option for riders looking for high-end snowboards at a more accessible price point.

5. Burton

Review - Burton

Overall Score: 84


  • A vast range of boards and apparel available
  • Generally consistent performance and quality


  • Value for money can vary depending on board model


Burton’s women’s snowboard range is packed with features to help riders of all levels excel on the mountain.

The Channel binding system allows ultimate customization and precision, while the Squeezebox core profiling ensures powerful energy transfer.

The Flying V rocker profile offers playful maneuverability and catch-free riding, while the Frostbite edges provide extra grip in icy conditions.

The brand’s collaborations with talented female riders ensure the boards are designed with a keen understanding of women’s riding needs.


Burton is known for producing snowboards with exceptional quality and construction.

Their women’s snowboard range is no exception, as they utilize premium materials such as sustainable wood cores and high-performance fiberglass.

Their construction techniques, such as Infinite Ride technology and Dualzone EGD, ensure that their snowboards are durable and long-lasting while still providing top-notch performance.


Burton offers a wide range of women’s snowboards that cater to different riding styles and abilities.

For example, the Burton Feelgood and Burton Custom X are popular models among advanced riders, while the Burton Stylus and Burton Yeasayer are great options for beginners and intermediate riders.

They also offer customization options through their Step On system, allowing riders to choose a combination of bindings and boots that suit their preferences.


Burton is committed to sustainability and has implemented several initiatives to reduce environmental impact.

For example, their boards are made using recycled materials, and their manufacturing process utilizes renewable energy.

They also work with Bluesign and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to ensure their products meet high sustainability standards.

Burton is committed to reducing waste and environmental harm, making them a responsible choice for eco-conscious riders.


Burton snowboards can be pricey, but they offer a wide range of options that cater to all budgets.

Their entry-level models are some of the most affordable on the market, while their high-end boards come with advanced features and technology for more experienced riders.

Overall, their boards are worth the investment for their quality and performance.

6. Never Summer

Review - Never Summer

Overall Score: 82


  • Durable, high-quality construction
  • Unique, innovative technology


  • On the expensive side


Never Summer women’s snowboards are engineered for high-performance riding, whether carving groomers or navigating powder.

Their exclusive Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile, combined with their Power Grip Sidecut and Carbon VXR Laminate Technology, offer exceptional edge hold, stability, and response on any terrain.


Never Summer prides itself on using top-quality materials and construction techniques for their snowboards.

They handcraft each board in their Denver, Colorado factory and use a combination of sustainable wood cores, high-density laminates, and advanced carbon fibers to ensure maximum durability and longevity.


Never Summer has an impressive range of women’s snowboards that cater to all skill levels and riding styles.

Their popular freeride model, the Infinity, is perfect for carving up powder and charging down steep runs. The Proto Type Two is a great all-mountain option for those who prefer a more versatile board.

They also offer a range of park-specific boards, like the Funslinger, for those who enjoy hitting the rails and jumps.


In terms of sustainability, Never Summer takes their environmental impact seriously. They use eco-friendly materials in their manufacturing process and employ sustainable practices in their production.

They also have a recycling program for old snowboards and use renewable energy sources in their facilities.

Check out my article on donating old snowboards to know how you too can be of help!


While Never Summer’s snowboards are priced at the higher end of the market, their quality and durability make them a worthwhile investment for serious riders.

The price reflects the high level of craftsmanship and technology that goes into each board, making them a valuable investment for riders who want a board that will perform well for years to come.

The Final Verdict

The best women’s snowboard brands are those that really know the sport inside and out, and know their customer base.

As we mentioned before, there’s not much difference when it comes to boards marketed for men or women – women’s boards are usually shorter, narrower, and more flexible to account for a smaller frame, but that’s about it.

If a snowboard is listed as a men’s board but is suitable for your dimensions, there’s no reason you can’t use it.

All the brands we covered today are at the forefront of the industry regarding innovation and knowledge, and all recognize sustainability’s importance in our sport.

If a brand meets these criteria, then the rest is up to you – if you need to let your budget guide your decision, that’s fine. If one brand has designs you think look cooler, that’s fine too!

Shailen Vandeyar

A proud Indian origin Kiwi who loves to plant trees and play with my pet bunny when not digging my head deep into the world of snowboarding, tricks, techniques, and related safety measures.

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