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So you got past the beginner stage and are ready for a snowboard that can complement your newfound skills and take you to the next level. This is an exciting time as a snowboarder, as you probably have a good idea of the style of riding you like to do and the things you want to work on.

The best intermediate snowboards for women allow you to progress your riding while having as much fun as possible. We love the Capita Space Metal Fantasy for its fun factor, awesome graphics, and maneuverability. But the YES Hello is a fantastic and forgiving all-mountain snowboard with versatility.

For example, you may have had a taste of powder and want to explore the backcountry, or at the other end of the scale, you may want to work on your freestyle tricks in the park. Or maybe you love the idea of an all-mountain snowboard that will perform well everywhere.

The Best Intermediate Women’s Snowboards

Compare The Best Intermediate Women’s Snowboards

SnowboardOverall ScoreBottom LinePrice
YES hello
YES Hello
76A fantastic all-mountain slayerCheck Out On YES
Capita Paradise
Capita Paradise
72An awesome cruiser with popCheck Out On Amazon
Never Sumer Infinity
Never Summer Infinity
76 High End
Effortless and agile
Check Out On Amazon
Capita Space Metal Fantasy
Capita Space Metal Fantasy
82 Top Pick
One of the most fun snowboards for playing all over the mountain
Check Out On Amazon

Detailed Analysis Of The Best Intermediate Snowboards For Women

Do check out my article on the differences between beginner and intermediate snowboards to ensure that you’re correctly assessing your skill level and not jumping the gun.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of our favorite intermediate snowboards for women. These high-quality, high-performing snowboards will allow you to progress in whatever snowboard discipline you like.

1.    YES Hello Snowboard (A versatile all-mountain snowboard)

Review - YES hello

Overall Score: 76


  • Highly maneuverable
  • Versatile enough to look after you all over the mountain
  • Very forgiving
  • Lots of fun to ride


  • Riding deep powder could prove challenging


The YES Hello is an incredibly versatile all-mountain snowboard. It is incredibly maneuverable while turning and slashing, making it very entertaining at slow and high speeds.

You’ll find it has excellent edge hold, so you can lay out big carve turns and go from edge to edge quickly. The maneuverability of the YES Hello makes it easy to negotiate moguls and choppy terrain.

But take it easy, as it can become unstable when you get too ambitious on nasty snow. Having said that, you’ll like how catch-free the edges are, giving you peace of mind everywhere else.


YES, has given the Hello a medium to soft flex rating, making it pretty versatile with a mellow attitude.

This means it is an excellent snowboard for progressing your skills to become an advanced rider. Its profile sees a rocker in the nose and tail with a slight setback stance.

This makes it perform well in powder, but you will need to commit and ride a little more aggressively when it gets deep to keep the nose up.

The cambered section between the bindings, combined with underbite technology, gives you great edge hold while carving, and the rocker sections allow catch-free edge transitions.

It performs best during small to medium-sized carves rather than big, long, sweeping ones. The YES Hello is extremely entertaining when it comes to jumps.

It has lots of pop for boosting off small jumps and side hits, and it feels solid on landings while also being forgiving. Therefore, taking off and landing switch is more manageable.


The underbite technology gives you great edge hold while making turns more manageable. It does this by re-distributing your weight to give you plenty of traction on hard-packed snow.

The full poplar base runs from the tip to the tail to provide predictability from consistent flex. It is also durable and lightweight. The sintered base isn’t the fastest one you will come across.

However, it is fast enough for most riders and retains wax well.


The elegant graphics look great, making this a classy-looking snowboard. The color seamlessly transitions from a yellow hue to a purply color with cool, looking designs.

The base graphics complement the top sheet with the company’s logo sublimated into the base with different colored sheets.

When you pull a massive backside air, anyone underneath you cannot help but notice you are riding a YES snowboard.


The Hello is not a cheap snowboard, but it is versatile enough to use anywhere on the mountain.

It is also the kind of snowboard you will grow into, so you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth out of it if you ride it enough.

2. Capita Paradise

Review - Capita Paradise

Overall Score: 72


  • Great for cruising around the mountain
  • Super agile
  • Stable and poppy personality


  • Not the best choice for those who like to ride fast on groomers


We like how maneuverable the Capita paradise is at any speed. When cruising, you have no problem with this snowboard’s agility, and you can easily whip it around trees and into side hits.

You’ll like how well it carves when you decide to squeeze some speed out on the groomers. But don’t expect too much out of it from edge to edge.


This snowboard is best suited to snowboarders who like to explore the whole mountain. You’ll find it works well on the groomers, in the park, and in powder.

This is thanks to the stable, supportive, and poppy riding characteristics. Its low to medium flex rating and its twin shape make the Paradise a good freestyle board.

There’s a compromise to everything; in this case, the soft flex means it’s not the best at high speeds. This is because you experience chatter when riding aggressively on piste.


Capita has designed this snowboard specifically with women’s physiology in mind.

Its camber and bindings help you stay in control and perform precise turns, while the rockered nose and tail help with float in powder.

It also features Capita’s FSC® Certified Multizone Core™ combined with super-strength 4 x 20mm Carbon Aramid Beams.

These add strength and pop while contributing to the excellent control you will have over this snowboard.


The graphics are bold and colorful, with an almost floral design with animals and skulls cleverly woven into the shapes on the top sheet.

It comes in various colors, and which one you get depends on your chosen board size.


As with most Capita snowboards, the Paradise is well-priced and undercuts the most quality snowboards of this type.

The versatility of the Capita Paradise means you get good value for money, and its robustness will give you peace of mind that it will last a few seasons.

3. Never Summer Infinity

Review - Never Sumer Infinity
High End

Overall Score: 76


  • Effortless turn initiation
  • Light and agile
  • Lots of fun on uneven terrain and in the park


  • Stability suffers the faster you ride


The Never Summer Infinity is incredibly maneuverable and easy to turn.

You’ll like how you can go from edge to edge at reasonable speeds and blast through tree runs without worrying about sluggish handling.

The medium flex rating means it is good for carving, but you may feel a little unstable when pushing the limits at speed.

When you have to contend with moguls and uneven terrain, you like how nimble the Infinity is for getting around bumps.

Its playful personality helps you easily hop over and skip around challenging sections of terrain.


This is a highly versatile snowboard and will look after you in most conditions and areas of the mountain. The setback stance and longer nose combined with a mild rocker provide great float in powder.

When carving on piste, you will love how it feels while turning. But it isn’t a hard carver, so you will notice a reduction in stability the faster you ride.

Riding this snowboard in the park and on side hits fills you with lots of confidence. It feels controlled in the air and stable on takeoff and landings.

It is best suited for smaller jumps and side hits, but if you want to hit something big, you may need a slightly stiffer board to cope with the landings.

Once in the air, you’ll find this snowboard easy to spin and land switch, even though the stance is set back and the nose is slightly longer.

You can use this board for buttering and jibbing, but this is not where the Never Summer Infinity’s strengths lie.


The Never Summer Infinity has a wood core surrounded by Bi-Lite Fiberglass laminates and a Co-Extruded Polymer top sheet.

It also has a Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base, which is fast enough for this kind of board and robust enough to withstand impact from rails, rocks, and hard landings.

All this, combined with the original rocker camber profile, makes the snowboard good for all abilities but will help the intermediate rider reach the next level.


The Never Summer Infinity has an attractive top sheet with an almost marble-like design. The base graphics are simple, with a solid color and the Never Summer logo in white.

The color and graphics remain the same throughout the different sizes available. The durable top sheet should keep the graphics looking fresh for many seasons to come.


The Infinity is a fairly high-end snowboard, so it doesn’t come cheap. However, it is comparable with the other boards on this list.

Its high level of maneuverability and versatility justifies the price somewhat. It also has longevity making it an excellent companion that you will want to take to the mountains for many winters.

4. Capita Space Metal Fantasy (Best for playing all over the mountain)

Review - Capita Space Metal Fantasy
Top Pick

Overall Score: 82


  • Effortless to turn
  • Highly agile
  • Forgiving
  • Looks amazing


  • Not the best for long and powerful carves
  • Not the best for deep powder


The Capita Space Metal Fantasy is a highly nimble snowboard, especially at low speeds.

You will find initiating turns effortless and have no problem bouncing around, having fun, and avoiding obstacles, people, and bumps.

As this is a freestyle snowboard, its strengths don’t lie in its carving ability.

That doesn’t mean to say you can’t carve on it, but you will find it better on short, sharp carves rather than big, long drawn, out, powerful ones.

Even though this snowboard is aimed at intermediate riders, it is also an excellent option for beginners. This is the kind of snowboard you can grow with.


This snowboard is designed predominantly for those who like to have fun in the snow park and take their freestyle all over the mountain.

It is a well-rounded snowboard that favors freestylers who don’t want to limit themselves to man-made features. It is a highly versatile snowboard that you can ride in powder.

But don’t forget that it is a twin, so its float will be compromised when it gets deep.

You also need to remember that it isn’t a carving machine; therefore, it may not suit your needs if you are a speed freak on the groomers.


The Space Metal Fantasy uses Capita’s Park V2 profile which features a flat reverse-cambered kick at the nose and tail for freestyle prowess.

The flat section between the bindings provides stability and skate-style playfulness. Capita has used their SUPERDRIVE™ EX BASE, a high-end sintruded base material.

It is designed to be a versatile, fast-running base. It also has high abrasion resistance to be faster and more durable.

You can also connect your Capita Space Metal Fantasy to your phone.

This allows you to register your board, take advantage of the warranty and receive product information through Near Field Communication.


Like most Capita snowboards, the Capita Space Metal Fantasy graphics are awesome.

It features a psychedelic design with drugs, llamas, and a black panther with three eyes and a gold chain… What’s not to love?

The base is just as bold, with a 1980’s inspired adaptation of the Capita logo. These graphics make the Capita Space Metal Fantasy stand out in the lift line and when propped up the wall outside the après bar.

Hopefully, the design will encourage you to be just as cool and do it justice.


Capita has kept the price of the Capita Space Metal Fantasy competitive. This means you can have a fantastic snowboard at a price that’s hard to argue with.

You get a lot for your money, but you may want to add a stiffer snowboard to your collection for powder days and when you want to pick up some speed.

If you liked my recommendations, do check out the best snowboarding helmets for women to go with your brand new intermediate snowboard!

Final Thoughts

These snowboards are undoubtedly among the best women’s intermediate snowboards on the market right now. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

However, carefully consider what you want from your next snowboard. Do you want a freestyle park slayer, an all-mountain weapon, or something more backcountry focussed?

The most important thing is to choose the snowboard you’ll have the most fun on. Make sure you buy one that suits your height, weight, and ability to ensure you can get the most out of your new ride.

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