Can Snowboarders Do Moguls? | Overcoming The Obstacle

Moguls are an annoying obstacle snowboarders face when on the mountain. Many wonder if snowboarders can meet them effectively.

Although annoying, snowboarders can effectively ride through moguls with a bit of practice. There are a number of different tactics that can be used to tackle moguls, including slowing down and bending your knees. Learning these tactics will help get through the moguls and onto nicer terrain.

Below, we cover in detail how snowboarders can take on moguls and the different ways in which they can learn to handle them.

Can Moguls Be Ridden On?

When snowboarding, you might accidentally find yourself on a run covered in many mounds of hard snow.

These mounds are known as moguls and are many snowboarders’ worst nightmare.

Moguls can be ridden on, but it takes quite a bit of skill and practice to perfect the art of riding on moguls for a snowboarder.

However, it isn’t an easy task and requires much practice and preparation to ride through moguls.

Skiers naturally form moguls as they turn down the mountain, pushing the snow into mounds.

This leads to a series of rough, bumpy mounds of snow covering an entire run. Which makes for an unpleasant riding experience for snowboarders.

Whether or not a snowboarder can ride on moguls depends on various factors, including their skill level and experience handling rough terrain.

If a snowboarder is only skilled at riding groomers, they’ll have a rough time riding moguls.

If a snowboarder is used to more advanced terrain, they should be able to tackle moguls.

If you’re not equipped to handle more advanced terrain, you should stick to the beginner’s slopes instead of trying to handle moguls.

Can Moguls Be Ridden On
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How To Ride Moguls?

Moguls can be ridden in a few different ways. They can be jumped over, which is the more challenging way. They can be approached like how a skier would ride them, which is complex in its own right. They can also be traversed across, approaching them as obstacles to ride over.

1. Jump Off of Moguls

This method of riding moguls is a difficult one that’ll take quite a bit of energy out of you. However, it can be fun if you can muster the energy.

Essentially, this method involves using every second mogul as a jump, jumping over the mogul directly in front of you.

While this may be fun, this method is risky, as there is no way to wash off your speed.

If you aren’t willing to take on the dangers of continuous jumps at high speed, then it’s recommended that you avoid this method of riding moguls as much as you possibly can.

2. Riding Like a Skier

Another method of riding moguls is to take a page out of a skier’s book and ride it as they do.

However, this opens up a new wave of challenges, as snowboarding and skiing are two very different sports.

To do this method, ride down the crevices of the moguls in the same manner as a skier.

This can be tricky for snowboarders, as it involves riding with an entirely distinct piece of equipment, much wider than a ski, making it harder to gain control.

If you pick this method, you’ll want to slow your riding down, so your edges don’t slide out.

3. Riding Across the Run

This is arguably the easiest way to ride moguls. Essentially, you ride perpendicular to the fall line crossing the moguls as you go.

You’ll want your legs to absorb the impact of the repeated bumps, using them in a loose, bent motion to keep yourself steady, cutting across on your toe or heel edge.

Tips for Riding Moguls

There are a few tips you should keep in mind when trying to ride moguls. These tips are as follows.

1. Picking a Line

When you ride on moguls, you should plan your line before you start riding to get yourself through them as efficiently as possible.

You’ll want to choose a wider line, which will give you more speed control.

When picking your line, envisage yourself riding through three to four moguls at a time. Stick to the line to choose, and don’t stop midway through.

Instead, commit to whatever line you opt to go with.

2. Maintain Good Posture and a Level Head

Posture is crucial when snowboarding, especially if you’re riding moguls.

You’ll want to keep your knees bent to absorb the moguls’ constant bumps and face the direction you’re going while maintaining as much control as possible.

You’ll also want to keep a level head. Don’t panic when faced with moguls. Take a couple of breaths and commit to your line.

If you’re new to this type of terrain, you’re likely to fall a couple of times, which is okay. You can always get up and try again.

3. Have Varied Turns

A significant element of riding moguls is having varied turns and being ready to implement them as you see fit.

Mogul runs aren’t uniform but are extremely diverse in the placement, size, and orientation, so you’ll need to be prepared to use every tool in your arsenal to tackle them and come face to face with the challenges ahead of you.

4. Practice

Remember that you won’t be able to ride through moguls easily the first, second, or even third time trying them.

You’ll need to practice a lot to gain the skills to ride through moguls. You can’t let the slopes intimidate you when trying to ride down them.

It’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s okay to make errors. Know that you can always keep trying and getting back up after falling.

5. Keeping Your Knees Bent

If you’re having difficulty learning how to ride moguls, one trick you should remember is keeping your knees bent.

You want your legs to be able to handle the impact of repeated bumps, and you can maintain this by alternating between bending your knees and ankles and extending them to stand upwards in a pumping motion.

This motion should help you take in the impact of the bumps you’ll find yourself faced with, and it should make it easier to handle moguls overall.

Keeping Your Knees Bent
Picture Credit: Tommie Bennet on YouTube

6. Slow Down

One of the core components of handling moguls is your speed. If you’re going too quickly, you will likely fall over.

You’ll want to slow down to handle moguls sufficiently when you approach them.

Take your turns as slowly and as easily as possible to gain control of the board when riding through the moguls.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Quit

Being cognizant of your skill level is perhaps one of the most important things you can do to be equipped to handle the variety of slopes you’ll find yourself facing.

Moguls are intimidating, and not everyone can do them. If you have to quit and stop snowboarding on them, that’s okay.

You’re unlikely to get much judgment from anyone for stopping on a field of moguls.

Final Thoughts

Snowboarders can ride moguls, but they’re a difficult challenge that you’ll have to work to overcome.

There are a few different tactics and methods that can help you ride through moguls more effectively.

By picking a line and committing to it, riding across the moguls slowly with bent knees and a good posture, you should be able to make your way across relatively easily.

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