Using lifts

» A step beyond a rope tow, the J-Bar
The next step beyond a rope tow is the J-Bar lift. The J-Bar is what it sounds like, a large J shaped hook that comes behind you and pulls you up the hill.

» Lift lines: The bane of snowboarding and all other activities
As is true with almost everything else that we do on a daily basis, a line must be entered and waited out. Of course the lifts on a hill are no different.

» Poma lifts: The pogo sticks of the ski hills
The Poma lift, while resembling a T-Bar lift, is unlike any other lift that you will see on a ski hill.

» Rope tows: The starting point for all of us
Did you know that the lowly rope tow is an invention that is 71 years old and single handedly created a demand for downhill skiing?

» Using a T-Bar lift
Many people feel that the T-Bar is on eof the most difficult lifts to ride.

» Riding a chair lift with confidence
I bet you never thought you would have to learn how to sit in a chair again. Of course sitting in a chair is a simple skill that we all learnt as babies but it is something that we have to learn all over again once we start snowboarding.