3 Ways to Simplify Your Ski Trip in Utah

Perhaps you’ve seen the license plates and were intrigued, but wondered if it’s really true. Everyone thinks their state is the best. “Greatest Snow on Earth?” Does Utah really have the greatest snow?

Turns out, it does. The dry climate that has Utah natives stocking up on lotion in bulk from Costco makes marvelous snow.

According to Outside, “Utah’s dry, cold atmosphere produces snowflakes called dendrites, which are thin and crystal-like andso light and fluffy that, when skiing through them, they make you feel buoyant without causing a lot of resistance. As such, powder skiing in Utah is the closest most people will get to floating in space.”

If that doesn’t get you hyped to ski, nothing will!

Here’s how to keep it simple.

Don’t Pack Your Equipment

That may sound counterintuitive, but it’s easy to hop on a plane and hit the slopes shortly after you land. People on the East Coast do it all the time, finding it easier to ski in Utah rather than fighting all the traffic to the resorts that are actually closer to them.

But it’s not so easy if you’re wrangling poles and standing idle at luggage carousels. If you’re driving, it may be difficult to pack all you need depending on the car’s size.

But you definitely don’t want to waste powder time standing in line at the rental station, so that doesn’t work either.

Luckily, if you’re skiing in Park City–the largest resort in the Nation–then you’re in luck. HWY 40 Ski Delivery will bring equipment right to you. Their team also brings enough to ensure a perfect fit. When you’re done, no need to return. They’ll come and pick it up for you.

Order in advance so you’re ready to go once you hit Salt Lake.

If you do decide to hit the slopes on Park City Mountain, keep in mind it has ski-in-ski-out access to and from Main Street. It’s the only resort with lift access directly onto Main Street. Make sure to take advantage of this rarity and save some time for exploring this famous town.

Take a Lesson

Even if you’ve got skills, it doesn’t hurt to brush up and get some tips from a local. You’ll learn where to find the best runs, restaurants, and entertainment. They can also evaluate your skill level and make trail recommendations.

You can do some research before you arrive, but make sure to talk to the experts at the resort in case anything you’ve learned is outdated.

Doublecheck Fit and Pack Layers

First of all, if you’re bringing the kids, make sure their ski clothes still fit. Make sure yours do, too. If you’ve had any fluctuations, you don’t want to find out you need new gear after you’ve hit the resort.

According to VisitUtah.com, when it comes to packing for the winter, “it’s all about layers that you can mix and match with increase in activity, especially insulating, breathable base and mid-layers leading to quality waterproof top layers.”

Make a list of everything you need, and check it twice. Plan ahead to keep your vacation running smoothly.

Have fun! Let us know about your trip in the comments. Any tips you’d like to add?

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