Halfpipe riding

» 360 Airs on a half pipe
Doing a 360 air in a half pipe is very similar to doing a 360 air off a jump. The main difference is the timing of your spin.

» 180-degree turn with style
Snowboarding in a half pipe allows for some interesting variations on standard tricks and opens up new possibilities for old tricks.

» Building a half pipe for snowboarding
Perhaps one of the most exhilarating things to snowboard on is a half pipe.

» Front side tricks in a half pipe
Snowboarding in a half pipe offers a lot of variations to tried and true tricks.

» Slide turns in a half pipe
Learning to ride in a half pipe means learning new ways to do everything that you have done before.

» Going beyond 360-degree airs
360-degree airs are amazing but they are not the limits of what can be done especially in a half pipe.

» An introduction to half pipes
Let’s face it, when snowboarding, anything that isn’t flat creates an almost over powering urge to try to ride and half pipes are no exception to this.

» Bunny hopping for greater air
Bunny hopping is often associated with simple things such as bunny hills and perhaps riding a BMX bike and thus is dismissed by many people as being a serious trick.

» Shifties
Shifties are interesting tricks that look like a 180-degree turn.

» Traversing a half pipe
Riding in a half pipe is extremely different than snowboarding on a regular slope.