Top Snowboards Review 2021

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Top Snowboards Review 2021

The sheer number of snowboards available today can be intimidating. Finding one board that complements your needs, size and turning ability can sometimes prove a dead-end task. So what can you do to narrow down your options? For starters, only the best snowboards review can help you learn a couple of do’s and don’ts. By factoring in things like your style of riding, body size, patterns and so forth, we were able to come up with a fantastic guide. Let’s simply call it the list of top snowboards review 2019. Sift through these 10 to maximize your chances of landing a killer surfboard.

Burton Ripcord Snowboard Men’s

One thing that stands out about Burton Ripcord is that it is more directional in its construction than an average snowboard. It ís, therefore, a perfect fit for anyone looking to hit the road in the short term. Seeking to make some incredible turns? This snowboardís slight taper helps you nail smooth turns with a breeze. The fact that it has a flat base makes it a fantastic option for newbies. It ís worth noting that its base is slightly convex from the edges. This minimizes the chances of an edge-catch.

Although the board is not as quick as you would expect, it provides a fantastic learning platform with less upkeep. What’s more, it doesn’t have any unnecessary frills. Therefore, in this and many other ways, the Ripcord is super-tuned to enhance your progression.

Despite feeling lightweight, this unit is undeniably solid. Moreover, it’s flexible enough, allowing for buffering (for those who graduate to that stage). Definitely one of the best beginner snowboards to start with.


Green tickFlat top surface for better balance

Green tickSticks to the classic snowboard shape for easy maneuvering

Green tickHas a 5MM taper for smooth turns

Green tickIncreased pop-in tail action

Green tickFSC Certified


Red xNot the best pick for heavy powder

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Salomon Ultimate Ride Snowboard

From a glance, this snowboard looks like a traditional camber. A closer look at it, though, reveals a pronounced bend on either side of the bindings. Another impressive thing about the Salomon is that it has short rocker sections at the contact points. This overall design guarantees you of unlimited ‘carve-ability’ and pop.

We like the fact that this snowboard is equipped with carbon beams. These cover its nose and tail effectively improving pop in either direction. Indeed, this unit is built to scrape the sky with each opportunity. So whether you’re in the park or the jungle, this provides your freestyle mentality with enough room for creativity. Don’t let its rad graphics and shape fool you. This is a serious kit, loaded with carbon and a reliable ‘Quad Camber’ profile.

As far as stability is concerned, this snowboard is a sure winner. It is made to charge fast and hold steady to uneven surfaces. The only weakness observed with this so far is that it is stiff. Its profile might deceive you, but we honestly think there’s room for improvement in that area.


Green tickAbundant camber for hard popping

Green tickCan be used in any snowboarding environment

Green tickPerfect locked in arching carves for aggressive turning

Green tickStable during deep landings


Red xMay limit your performance in the park

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Yes 20/20 Snowboard

Yes are known for being the pioneers of the ‘short and wide’ revolution in snowboarding. The Yes 20/20 no doubt follows that trend. One unique thing about it is that it compensates for lack of taper. Riding it on firmer snow is a breeze thanks to its (mostly) flat base. Towards the edges are concave sections, which come into play when you’re in deep stuff.

This unique design ensures air is forced beneath the board towards the nose. That reduces chances of going over handlebars as snow is fired out at the tail. In the end, the board comes across as easy to keep afloat irrespective of its lack of length.

The board is quite stable. You may, however, notice a bit of instability when navigating through chopped up moguls. Riding in open conditions is however fine. We, however, dislike the fact that it has softer-than-average tips and a stiff underfoot. That’s not a major issue, though, as this snowboard remains awesomely playful.


Green tickExcellent powder front

Green tickImproved maneuverability

Green tickShort but wide for faster ripping through powder

Green tickBlunt tips for improved riding experience


Red xMay be too soft for serious backcountry snowboarding

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DC Focus Snowboard Men’s

Equipped with a full rocker and a DC Radius 2 Flat sidecut, this snowboarder seems like a sure stunner. It allows you to lock into pipes and glide through kinks like a boss. Its 3-degree bevel uplifts the edges which prevent a bit of rust from turning into a major issue. Generally, this snowboard uses a skate inspired technique of construction. That alone brings the snowboard’s weight down whilst its body remains strong for any kind of surface.

A closer look at the Focus reveals it has a flat surface. This surface spans between stances resulting in a thrilling and playful ride. Its shape offers a 3-degree bevel which shaves an angle from the traditional 90 degrees. The advantage here is that everyone enjoys a catch-free ride. As an expert looking for a jib-ready snowboard, this is the kind of shape to settle for.


Green tickFlat surface for essential lift in deep powder

Green tick FCS certified wood

Green tickLightweight for added flex

Green tickSuitable for long-term freestyle riding


Red xAs an experienced rider, you might want to use a more specialized board

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Bataleon 151.0 Magic Carpet Snowboards

This Bataleon snowboard made it to the first best snowboard review just recently. It seems like quite a number of people were psyched up about its launch. Well, its ‘Pow 3BT’ profile offers quite a number of features. For starters, it provides a significant amount of uplift at the edges. That alone means the base works like the hull part of a boat. Although that alone might not make a clear difference, having a low-rising camber profile can deliver stunning results.

Quite frankly, this snowboard parts snow in a manner that can only be likened with what Moses did at the Red Sea. Add that onto a sintered base, complete with carbon stringers and you have an ultimate snow taming weapon. The Bataleon’s overall flex is just an inch below the middle of the road. That means you get abundant flex in between your feet and towards the tips. A slightly wide platform adds a level of stability to it. You can therefore take on variable terrain without ‘getting bucked around’.


Green tickRelatively wide profile for extra butterability

Green tickSurfy in fresh snow

Green tickAngled sidebases for increased playfulness

Green tickConcavity for more Ollie pressure


Red xDoes not give the best experience on hard carves

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Arbor Westmark Rocker Men’s Snowboard

Top snowboards review of 2019 often list this as the king of clean tracking. But is that an overstatement? Well, clearly not. The Arbor Westmark is topped by standard Ash Power Ply board. This board is renowned for its elegant finish and extra long life. That’s to say, this is the kind of gear that’s designed to carry you right from your first snowboarding mission to street pro-status. As a beginner, using this to plan for your first jib is indeed a wise decision. Its medium-soft flex gives it excellent response and maintains stability. So, even if you want to cruise at high speeds, the Arbor Westmark is your trusted friend.

This snowboards soft tips and stiff under foot are what you need to take advantage of more park flex. Moreover, its low angle chunder adds onto stability making it a perfect bet for navigating through steep, moguled terrain. And best of all, this is not a damp snowboard which means you experience all the vibrations resonating up from your feet.


Green tickPerfect for slow to high speed jibs

Green tickGriptech works perfectly helping you lock into carves

Green tickEnhanced tip shape for butterability


Red xWeird shape, may not be ideal for versatile riders

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Avalanche Source 158 Men’s Snowboard

The Avalanche Source 158 is a fantastic package that includes a binding system and a snowboard. Let us focus on the board itself. It’s made of high quality materials and a smoothed out edge. This design provides boarders of all skill levels with a long-lasting, fun-filled piece of equipment. Made by a manufacturer with a track-record spanning several decades, this unit stands tall among the very best. Indeed, this is the perfect choice for newbies. You can experiment with it on the pro side as well although it may not be as stellar as other boards reviewed this far.

The Avalanche Source 158 has stash binders. These provide firm binding as they include extensive coring on the base plate. That works symbiotically with lightweight straps, which then help the entire unit easy to use. A closer look at it reveals padded base plates, metal ratchets and quick-adjust ankle strap. You therefore get a complete system to help you learn the ropes fast.


Green tickPerfect for all mountain terrain

Green tickDirectional shape for professional gliding

Green tickRadial sidecut for improved maneuverability

Green tickCamber profile


Red xNot a great board for super professional riders

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Ride Burnout Snowboard

Some snowboards attempt to be everything to everyone. However, only few are able to do this without compromising on quality. Fortunately, the Ride Burnout is at home anywhere. Whether you want to challenge yourself anywhere on the mountain, in a pipe, a park or try big jumps, this snowboard got you covered. It features a twin hybrid camber giving you killer edge grip as well as stability while still having a lot of flex.

Featuring 25.2 inches at the waist, the board feels wide. Above all, it comes with 5-inch carbon array laminates. The edges are further enhance with strong and durable carbon steel. To complement the overall design of the board is popwalls and slimwalls feature. The feature helps soak-up a fair bit of chatter and vibration.


Green tickIt got good pop and is very stable on landings

Green tickIt has a decent edge hold

Green tickOffers superior and consistent performance

Green tickBoasts great carving

Green tickIt can turn sharply


Red xIt requires some extra effort to keep it up on edge because of its large waist

Red xIt is more ideal for experienced and aggressive snowboarders and not beginners

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Rome Snowboards Agent Rocker Midwide Snowboard

Looking for a snowboard to take you from kink rails and park booters to tree runs and couloirs? There is no board that can do the job better than the Agent Rocker Midwide Snowboard. It boasts a freestyle geometry and versatile profile to ensure you enjoy in any terrain.

Thanks to its camber zones that extend between tip and tail, this snowboard easily maintains pop as well as edge hold. It also has medium stiff flex for added stability. This gives you a good push off a jump and allows the board to handle heavy landings.

In addition, it boasts a snappy yet responsive feel thanks to its triax glass. Featuring single TurboRods carbon barrel located near the inserts, the board easily flexes back into shape very fast. Besides, its base feature Rome’s high-quality and durable Sinterspeed that absorb a lot of wax as a result of high speed riding.


Green tick Boasts better control in uneven terrain

Green tickOffers smooth flex and loads of pop

Green tickHas beefy impact edges

Green tickWell engineered


Red x Stiffness could be better

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K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard 2019

The list of the best snowboard review would not have been complete with us mentioning this playful and versatile board. To mention, this snowboard is made keeping that guy in mind who is looking to rule the entire mountain. It can be used for hard carving on hike-to terrain or even steep off piste.

It is equipped with carbon web construction which makes the board more responsive especially at high speeds. The carbon is further extended to the core past the contact point to allow for more stability and control. Its Tweekend shape offers a more predictable and smoother ride.

Additionally, the board’s all terrain baseline offers you with float and great surfy feeling in deep snow. Bambooyah blend with five year warranty also comes handy. The base material is sintered P-tex so in terms of speed this board is all good in any terrain.


Green tick Offers some decent float in powder

Green tickGlides through flat spots very well

Green tickIt is decent on landings and take offs

Green tickBoasts press ability Ollie bar as well as smooth-rocker tracking


Red x It is not the ideal beginner snowboard

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Your style of riding doesn’t really matter. Whether you’re that person who gets excited at the thought of deep powder. Or that person who fantasizes about an evening out with friends at the park. There’s always a snowboard for everyone. All you need to do is familiarize with the best snowboards review and soon you could be a proud owner of an awesome unit.

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