Top 10 Snow Boots for Men and Women in 2021: A Review

Getting ready for the cold winter months requires making important purchases for yourself and your loved ones. An essential winter purchase is a pair of snow boots or two. At some point in your life, you may have experienced having soggy, wet, and cold feet during the cold season. And there is no doubt that it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings there are. Your day can easily turn sour when you have cold, wet feet. This is just one of the many reasons why snow boots are vital. Snow boots are a special kind of footwear that offers waterproof and insulation features.

Snow boots are essentially created to keep you cozy and warm and comfortable even during a snowstorm. They also have a good grip feature that guarantees to keep you safe when you go through storms and ice this winter. If you look at the current snow boots market, it is always growing in numbers. For this reason, it can be challenging to find the perfect pair for your needs.

If you still have not found the right pair of snow boots for yourself or your loved ones, worry not. This review has got you covered. Here you will find a list of this year’s top 10 snow boots for men and women and why we think they are the perfect buy to keep you warm, safe, and cozy during this cold, winter season.

1.            Timberland Men’s Waterproof Ankle Boot

These hiking boots for men are waterproof, very comfortable, and stylish. They bear the classic and simple style from the brand, making them very versatile whether you are off or on the hiking trail. They are designed to keep your feet dry and warm all winter with its premium, waterproof construction. They come with rustproof lace hardware meant to last you a long time also making these snow boots a worthy investment. They also have a thick rubber sole with excellent traction to keep you balanced on the snow and ice.


•             Trail-ready snow boots

•             Versatile and stylish

•             Waterproof

•             Offers great traction

•             Rustproof hardware


•             Not insulated

2.            Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic Boot

These snow boots for women come in high-quality, stunning, and waterproof exterior leather material. They have a classic silhouette, with a combination of soft faux-fur and suede around the cuff to give users maximum comfort. The inner felt material is removable, making it easy to clean while still ensuring to keep your feet comfortable, dry, and warm during the cold climate. Their handcrafted outsoles made of vulcanized rubber shell offer great traction and keep you balanced on the snow and ice.


•             Handcrafted comfort

•             Waterproof boots

•             Faux-fur inner lining

•             High-quality leather

•             Easy to clean


•             Can sometimes be cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear

3.            LABO Men’s Snow Boots

These snow boots for men come in waterproof leather material on the outside. Its lining is insulated to ensure dryness and warmth of your feet. In terms of design, these snow boots are simple, making them not only versatile but also suitable for different men. They also come with durable rubber soles that provide an excellent grip in the ice or snow.


•             Insulated lining

•             Waterproof leather shell

•             Durable snow boots

•             Simple and versatile

•             Comfortable


•             Get a size up; they tend to be smaller than your size

4.            Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Snow Boot

These snow boots are unique for their advanced technology that provides the utmost support and comfort during the winter months. They come with exclusive, lightweight Techlite midsole and Omni-Grip features that provides high-energy return and advanced rubber sole traction, respectively. These snow boots are a combination of high-quality textiles and leather that are heavily insulated and waterproof.


•             High-quality materials

•             Heavily insulated and waterproof

•             Techlite midsole

•             Supportive and comfortable

•             Advanced traction


•             Color displayed online may not be the same in actual

5.            Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Boot

These snow boots are specifically crafted for individuals who are seriously into hiking whatever the weather. They come with water-resistant and durable leather to keep your feet dry and comfortable during the ice and snow. They are the perfect combination of comfort and durability while still being incredibly attractive as you wear them.


•             Made for hiking

•             Comfortable

•             Expertly crafted

•             Lightweight and durable

•             Water-resistant


•             Not waterproof

6.            Global Win Women’s Winter Snow Boots

These women’s winter boots are stylish and practical. They are very versatile, making them ideal for all types of women during the winter. These boots come with a quilted top fused with speckles laces in a crisscross pattern. Their PU outer and faux-fur lining ensures to keep you dry and warm during the winter months.


•             Water-resistant

•             Practical and stylish

•             Versatile styling

•             Lightweight

•             Faux-fur lining for warmth


•             Not long-lasting

7.            NY Men’s Waterproof Snow Boots Denoise

These waterproof boots offer great value for their high-quality comfort feature that is perfect for the cold season. They come with an attractive water-resistant faux-fur material with a fairly simple design. This is the perfect pair for any occasion. They have been made to last with their tough and durable materials.


•             Great value for money

•             Water-resistant materials

•             High-quality comfort

•             Long-lasting and durable

•             Simple design


•             Size may be smaller than regular sizes

8.            DREAM PAIRS Women’s Mid-Calf Boots

These mid-calf boots are a great buy for women who want to wear durable, wind- and water-resistant boots throughout winter. They come with a 200g Thermolite insulation lining that functions to keep you comfortable and warm even when it gets very cold outside. Aside from this feature, you get a cushioned insole, making these boots not only very comfortable but also suitable for long-term use.


•             Water- and wind-resistant

•             Durable winter boots

•             Comes with thermal lining

•             Faux-fur included

•             Cushioned insole


•             Offers no traction

9.            DREAM PAIRS Women’s Snow Boots

If you are no fan of mid-calf boots, you can instead opt to get the typical pair of snow boots from this brand. These snow boots are highly sought after by women in the current market. Not only are they practical and stylish but also, they are very affordable. You get a water-resistant leatherette on the upper part of the boot, making it easy to clean. This feature is one of the reasons why these snow boots are perfect for repeated use and long-term wear. It has a stylish Slouch style with a side zipper and an ankle buckle strap for easy wear. With their chic and simple style, they can match any outfit that you have no matter the occasion.


•             Offer great value for money

•             Versatile

•             Simply stylish

•             Slip-resistant sole

•             Easy to swear


•             Sole may be too thin for maximum support

10.     ALEADER Men’s Insulated Waterproof Winter Boots

These winter boots for men offer optimum protection from external elements, giving your feet the warmth and comfort that they deserve. They come in good-quality materials that offer optimum cushion and protection from outside elements. They have a leather PU outer to prevent any wet elements and frosty air from going to your skin. They have EVA foam footbeds to ensure that your feet remain dry and warm all the time.


•             Warm and comfortable to wear

•             Completely waterproof

•             Rugged non-slip outsole

•             Easy to take on and off

•             Offers a high insulation feature


•             Only available in black

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