Gear and Clothes | Snowboarding Essentials

» Snowboarding helmets
We all know that not everyone uses their head as much as they should but this is no reason to not protect it.

» Snowboarding jackets
Winter jackets have changed a lot over the years as technology has improved. The best solution used to be those big, puffy, down filled jackets.

» Snowboarding pants
Baggie pants can be more than just fashionable.

» There once was a kitten that lost her mittens …
Any activity in the cold requires a pair of gloves or mittens to protect your fingers and hands from both the cold and the environment.

» Your mother isn’t the only one who cares about your socks and underwear
As most of us know the key to staying warm outdoors in the winter requires a lot of layering. Each layer of clothing serves a different purpose and is critical to your comfort.

» Goggles, trendy safety gear
While safety may be the reason for purchasing your goggles, their function is what makes them useful to the snowboarder.

» Snowboarding boots
The boots that you wear when snowboarding makes a huge difference in your ability to control your snowboard and your comfort on the hill.

» Why do some areas require a leash?
Many resorts will not allow you to use their chair lifts unless you have a leash attaching your snowboard to your leg.