Variations to add to aerial movements

Two common last minute movements to add to your routine are Late Spins and Reverts. While these can be considered a trick on there own, they really are something to add just before you land after doing another trick such as a Shifty. Doing so really shows off your skill.

A Late Spin is a way to change the direction that you are going to land at the last minute. This is as easy to do as any other 180-degree spin is however you must be much faster at doing it since you have so little time to complete the maneuver. Setup is the key to pulling this off.

To do a Late Spin make sure you have completely finished the trick that you where doing before and are straight and ready to land. As you are about to land you must snap your body around and stop at exactly 180-degrees or risk bailing when you land. As always pre-load your body for the spin. Twist your shoulders and hips as far as you can and then suddenly release the energy by snapping your head around and allowing your body to do the same. Just like with all spins, the key to stopping the spin accurately is to be looking at where you want to go. Your body will always follow your head and if you are looking straight ahead it will adjust to go straight ahead.

Reverts also allow you to change from Fakie to Normal or Normal to Fakie but it is done just as you land. There are several ways to do this but the most stylish way is to do so on the nose or tail of your snowboard. The Tail Revert may be the easiest to get used to doing. The lead up to a Tail Revert is the same as a Late Spin you must pre-load your body for the spin.

As you can imagine the landing for a Tail Revert is a bit different than normal. Your body will be primed for spinning around and you will not be looking to land evenly on the hill. You need to land on the tail of your snowboard and hold that position until you can spin 180-degrees. As soon as your tail touches the ground release your spin. You may find it easier to maintain your balance if you lower the nose of your snowboard as you spin. Once you have completed your Revert you can completely touch down like you would from a Wheelie.

Reverts and Late Spins are nice little add-ons for any maneuver that you may be doing at the time. These all use basic skills that you undoubtedly already know but must be executed faster and more precisely than if you where doing it separately. Remember to pre-load your body for the spin and execute these as cleanly as possible.

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