Snowboarding Tips: How To Spin 360-Degrees and Beyond

how to do a snowboard 360

A  snowboard 360 spin may be the ultimate trick on the hill but it is possible to go beyond that. Proof of this would be Tony Hawk doing a 1060-degree turn! Personally, I nearly fell out of my chair when he did it for the first time and considered riding again.

How To Do A Snowboard 360 and Beyond

The real question is how do we push our limits to go beyond a 360-degree spin? While skill plays a large role in our ability to go beyond our current limits, physics also plays a large role. If you do not use your body and its balance points to your advantage you will not be able to go beyond a 360.

Get More Height

how to do a snowboard 360The first thing to do is to get more air than you normally would. The amount of air you get is vital since you will need much more time aloft to complete your turns. Remember centrifugal force is what is powering these types of snowboard tricks and if the energy does get depleted thus slowing down the rate at which you spin. The slower you spin the longer you need to stay in the air.

Make Yourself As Small As Possible

Once you are confident doing 360s at a higher altitude you can begin to get ready for a 540. The first thing to do is to make yourself as small as possible. The closer you are to the center of gravity between you and your snowboard the faster you will turn and thus the further you will turn.

Use Smooth Body Motions

This brings us to the next point, being smooth and using your body to aid your spin. Being smooth in your motions will greatly reduce the amount of counter force you may generate that will slow your spin. It should be natural and effortless for you to crouch down and pull a 360.

Twist The Entire Body

When you are looking at doing a 360 or more you need to lead the spin with your body. Instead of twisting with just your hips as you would do for a 180 and perhaps a 360, you need to twist your entire body in the direction that you will be spinning. The extra force created by twisting your upper body as well will help to carry to beyond the 360.

Do A Proper Snowboard Landing

Landing a 540 is much the same as landing a 360 or any other air with one difference. Do not untwist your body or rise up from a crouched position until you have turned at least 500 degrees. Changing the position of your body before this point will prevent you from completing the spin. Other than that all the normal rules apply. Look at the point where you wish to land, bend your knees slightly and keep your weight evenly centered on the snowboard.

Doing a snowboard 360  or more is possible but only if you combine your skill with physics. When you are perfectly balanced and moving smoothly and confidently on your snowboard you will be able to go beyond 360-degree spins. All you have to do now is get out there and push yourself a little harder. Watch the video below on doing a frontside 360 spin.

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