The Caballerial is an interesting trick named after skateboarding Guru Steve Caballero. Steve mastered this trick when riding a skateboard on a half pipe. Since there is so much in common with snowboarding and skateboarding it is easy to see how the trick went from one realm to the other.

The Caballerial is definitely a very difficult trick to perform and requires the use of a ramp of some sort. In its most basic form the Caballerial is the trick of riding up a ramp goofy foot, turning 360′ and landing regular foot. While this might sound like an easy trick, the fine details needed are what makes it so difficult.

The first part is the launch. Of course you must be riding goofy footed up the side of the ramp at a very high rate of speed. As you approach the lip of the ramp you will need to Nollie in order to launch yourself straight up and in to the air for a clean landing. Of course timing and positioning of your body is critical as you will want to begin twisting your body as the Nollie raises you up off the ramp.

The next step is the turn in the air. Some people call it a 360′ turn but really it is only a 180′ turn in the air so that you land regular footed. The key to this turn is pre-loading your body for the spring. You need to turn your head, shoulders, hips and finally feet as you are launching. If you point your head to where you want to go as you launch your body will natural follow and you will make the turn every time.

The final element of the Caballerial is the landing. Landing this is not much different from landing any other ramp trick. Keep your head pointing where you want to go your legs loose and ready for the landing and your snowboard level with the surface.

The Caballerial is not an easy trick to perform but if you are an experienced rider, it is one that you can pick up. The key to the Caballerial is technique and precision in the executing of your maneuvers. The extra work and practice required will pay off when you can cleanly launch and return regular footed in to the ramp to the amazement of everyone around you.

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