Air to Fakie

Riding air to Fakie is a fairly simple thing to do but there are a few ways of doing so. In its simplest form you are getting some air and then turning 180° to land Fakie style. While the concept is very simple the actual execution of an air to Fakie can be a little more complex.

Getting started

A right amount of air is required for this trick. The amount of air you get can determine if it is possible or even harder to air to Fakie. While you do not need very much air. However, if you have too little then you will not have enough time to rotate 180°. On the other hand, if you have too much air you may tend to spin too far while in the air. This will cause you to rotate 200° or more. In either case the air to Fakie is very difficult, if not impossible, to perform.


Since to do not need a lot of air you have a few options as to how you get your air. You can either launch off a small ramp or Ollie while riding the slopes. The easiest way to get air is launch off something on the slopes. Depending upon your comfort level this can be a ramp, a mogul or a jump.

One of the most important elements of an air to Fakie is your setup.  The second most important is being able to ride Fakie. Begin by riding towards your intended launch point with a little extra weight on the up hill side of your snowboard. As you are about to launch, crouch down as low as you can and begin to load your body for the spin. To load your body for the spin, twist your hips and shoulders but not your head. Always point your head in the direction of your intended travel.

As you crest your launch point leap up as high as you can in the air and untwist your body. Where you are looking is very important to how you move. Your body will naturally follow the lead of your head. This concept will allow you to spin as you get air. This will also help you control the amount of spin you execute. To land properly you will only need to land on both feet at the same time. Getting the hang of this may take a little practice.

How much spin is required on your first attempt is tough thing to guess. The required momentum will be reached by twisting your hips and shoulders before launching. This will help you if you find that you are not spinning far enough. Landing while still turning  means you are either not getting high enough or are not starting to spin as you begin to get air. If you are spinning too far you may be twisting too aggressively. The spin should feel natural, much like looking over you shoulder as you merge your car into traffic.

Practice makes perfect

Practicing the air to Fakie will help you develop some very important skills. This trick is the basis for many other aerial tricks and will fine-tune your sense of movement when in the air. With a little work you too will be making all kinds of tricks on the slope look easy and feel natural, just like the pros do.

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