Freestyle Snowboarding

» 360 airs a killer move with vast possibilities
Because of the vast number of possible variations of 360 airs it is reasonable to call a 360 air the most important and noticeable trick for snowboarding.

» Grabs
Grabs a little different from your normal trick. Rather than being a trick on their own, they are something that you can add to any other trick that you are doing to add style and change the look of the trick.

» Rail slides
Rail slides are a trick the derived from skateboarding.

» Tucks are an important way to harness energy
A critical aspect of snowboarding is the harnessing and releasing of energy.

» Spinning beyond 360-degrees
360s may be the ultimate trick on the hill but it is possible to go beyond that.

» Bonking – The snowboarders “high five”
Bonking is on of those strange little things that people do for the fun of it or to make a person jump.

» Variations to add to aerial movements
Two common last minute movements to add to your routine are Late Spins and Reverts.

» Optical illusions when snowboarding
While Shifties are a snowboarding trick they are also an optical illusion.

» Boning and Poking your way down the hill
Poking and Boning are simple variations on your riding style much like Fakie is to Normal riding.

» Air to Fakie
Riding air to Fakie is a fairly simple thing to do but there are a few ways of doing so.

» Nollies are an interesting variation of the Ollie
The Ollie is a way to propel yourself and your snowboard off the ground to clear obstacles, get higher air or launch straight off the top of a ramp for perfect re-entry.

» Ollies
Ollies are an almost magical combination of motion and physics.

» Caballerial
The Caballerial is an interesting trick named after skateboarding Guru Steve Caballero.

» How to wheelie like a pro on a snowboard
Wheelies are an old trick that goes back at least as far as roller skating does and most likely much further.

» Layback slides and slashes
Layback slides and slashes are an extreme maneuver that originated with surfing. When surfing, a surfer would literally lay back on a wave and ride it before rising to stand again.

» Nose & tail rolls
How do you switch from riding Fakie to riding regular? Many times when landing we end up riding Fakie and you may wish to revert back to riding regular.

» Riding Fakie
Switch riding, or riding Fakie, is an essential park of mastering freestyle snowboarding.

» The blunt nose slide
A blunt nose slide is a variation of the Wheelie but with an interesting twist.