Tips, Tricks and Techniques of Freeriding

» Carved turns – The extreme form of skidded turns
Carved turns are the next step beyond skidded turns. For this reason, it is essential that you are proficient at skidded turns before attempting carved turns.

The Cost of Snowboarding

» Control your speed instead of letting it control you
An interesting dilemma that all snowboarders’ face is the controlling of speed.

» Garlands are more than Christmas decorations
Garlands are called garlands because the trail left in the snow looks like a garland. They are an important survival technique for on the slopes, and the next skill learned after side slipping.

» Skidded turns and beyond
For many beginners, learning to turn on a snowboard can be rather challenging and unnerving.

» The key to stopping is sideslipping
Sideslipping is one of the most valuable skills that you can learn while on the slopes.

» Traversing across the face of the hill
When you first start to learn to snowboard, there is only one way to get down the hill, straight down.

» The mechanics of motion when snowboarding
The thing that makes snowboarding possible is the range of motion and balance that the human body naturally has.